World’s Fastest Supercomputer Used to Fight COVID-19

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Supercomputer, co-founded by Riken and Fujitsu, joins the Top 500 Ranking, which is a biennial. The supercomputer was built in Kobe, Japan’s seventh largest city, known as Fugaku.

Fugaku is also known as Mount Fujiima and is called “Need for Speed” in Japan. The supercomputer was created with government funding to use the worldwide “COVID-19” to combat the virus.

Fugaku aka Mount Fuji

The early six-year plan was originally approved for the six-year plan, but it has been approved for a limited period, and the ISC High-performance 2020 Digital Award was awarded on June 22.

Fugaku SoC

Image: AnandTech

The supercomputer is the fastest supercomputer powered by Fujitsu’s A64FX SoC, which uses ARM-based processor.

It was 2.8 times faster than IBM’s Summit at 415.5 Petaflops (Fugaku) ​​vs. 148.6 Petaflops (Summit)

Fastest Supercomputer

IBM Summit is the Nearest Competitor, which is comparable to IBM Summit. HPL-AL There is no Supercomputer with the Top One at all in the four ranking systems of HPCG and Top500 HPL.

Although the world’s fastest supercomputer is the largest maker of Chinese and American computers, it is currently on the Top 500 list for the past nine years.

Before that, Riken’s K Computer was the fastest supercomputer, and Riken was Japan’s largest research center.

I installed the contact tracing app for # COVID-19 on my Smartphone. Simulation on #Fugaku indicates we need 60% distribution for effectiveness. I encourage people in Japan to install to protect yourself & save lives. It was proactively reviewed to ensure safe privacy.

– Satoshi Matsuoka (@ProfMatsuoka) June 22, 2020

Founded in 1917, the Research Center was founded by HPC (High-Performance Computing) and Computational Science. Chemistry Biological Medicine Science He is also researching engineering and genomics.

Less than a Second

Riken and Fujitsu created the Fugaku, as well as Kyushu University. Fixstars Corporation has acquired a graph of 1.1 Trillion Nodes and 17.6 Trillion Edges in 0.25s.

If you translate this second, that’s equal to 70,980 GigaTEPS, and K’s 31,303 GigaTEPS. China’s fastest Sunway TaihuLight is more than three times faster than China’s 23,756 GigaTEPS. (TEPS = Traversed Edge per Second)

Fugaku, the fastest supercomputer

Image: CNN Business

According to The Verge, the Top 500 list includes 226 Chinese supercomputers; There are 114 American cities and 30 Japanese. The American supercomputer in the case also has a collective power of 644 Petaflops.

Fugaku is now being diagnosed with coronary heart disease. COVID-19 is being used to combat new diseases and new forms of the disease.

Source: The Verge, CNN Business Riken

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