What’s the difference with the $ 179,000 Huawei Y6p?

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The HUAWEI Y6p is one of the most popular models of Budget smartphones. The Y6p is also an interesting choice, as it is priced at $ 179,000.

We also want to introduce the Y6p smartphone, this time with the advantage of the Y6p smartphone.

The Y6p Display

First of all, the Y6p has three obvious advantages. As you may know, the 6.3 “LCD screen has a resolution of 720 x 1,600p. The Dewdrop Notch comes with 88.4% screen-to-body Ratio.

Along with the display, the Y6p is made of plastic. It weighs in at 183g, which is a bit slim for a budget phone.



However, the composition is neat, with the Triple Camera and the HUAWEI Logo font in the rear of the body.


In terms of design and display, there is no room for speculation, but when it comes to adjusting the resolution used. Ideal for entertaining on the Internet.

Secondly, the Y6p Display is TUV Certified, so it can filter blue light to the eye, as well as prevent long-term exposure to the screen.

The MediaTek Helio P22 SoC uses Multi-tasking for gaming and multi-tasking, which can be a burden for Heavy Loading.


However, the Y6p is a choice of 3GB or 4GB of RAM, which is suitable for young people who want to use the Internet as a phone or Internet connection.



It has 64GB of storage, which can be further expanded via microSD if needed. The reason for this large budget handset is that there is a lot of music, music, and music. You can save the movie as much as you want and not have enough space.

And whether you are amateur photographer or not, It’s fun enough to keep in mind.

Triple Camera

The camera also includes 13MP f / 1.8 primary lens and a 13MP f / 1.8 lens. Ultra-wide at 5MP f / 2.2 and Depth sensor at 2MP f / 2.4.

The budget phone is not specifically designed for the camera, but when it comes to creating beautiful photos, When taking a photo, the Primary Lens and the Ultra-wide Lens at f / 1.8 work well.

The Depth Sensor can be used to create a Bokeh effect, and the camera’s performance on a $ 150 camera is enough. The standard 1,080p format for video recording can be recorded at 30fps.



In addition, the 8MP Lens for Selfie support 10 beauty levels that can be used to shoot portraits.

In addition to the hardware specs, I would like to mention some of the features that are reinforced on the Y6p smartphone. First is the audio section. One of the features of the budget smartphone is the HUAWEI SuperSound.


The test lab produces 88db audio output, which lets you listen to music, record music, and record audio. You will be encouraged to watch some movies and play some video games.

In addition, the 9.1 Surround Sound is emulated as a result of the loud sound.

The second is the wireless FM Radio. The Y6p Device is compatible with FM radio over Wi-Fi at any time, and the advantage is that it has a reverse charging feature.

The system is powered by an OTG cable and is powered by 6W Speed ​​via Y6p to other smartphones. It comes with a 5,000 mAh (5V / 2A) battery that can last up to two days with low battery life.

Bigger Battery

If you watch the movie, you can watch 1,080p video at almost 13hrs, and test for up to 40hrs for 4G VoLTE Call and 36hrs for 4G VoLTE calling, says Test Lab.

Screenshot features a Knuckle Screenshot feature that lets you easily Screenshot by tapping a nail and smartphone screen.

HUAWEI Y6p is powered by the latest Android 10 OS with EMUI 10.1, which creates photo collages that can easily edit photos. It also has new software features that enable Data Backup while charging another phone.


When looking at these features, the HUAWEI Y6p is an attractive choice for budget-conscious smartphone users. Student and student This is a really good phone for students.



Despite the budget smartphone, its features are not fading, and there’s plenty of storage and plenty of day-to-day battery life.

So if you are looking for a phone, you want to recommend the Y6p and enjoy Phantom Purple. Emerald Green and Midnight Black are available in three colors.

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