Is Neumorphism the Future for OS / UI Design?

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Neumorphism. What’s the big word?

You yourself are the same yesterday. I have seen this word one day. No dictionary was found. In fact, Neumorphism is a term that came up pretty well in the design field with iOS 14.

Soon, the website design elements have become a trend for mobile OS and App design.


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So when I heard this name, I had to gather all the information I had personally played to avoid “I’ve never heard of it.”

Neumorphism !! A New Term

Neumorphism is the simplest and simplest definition of “2D rendering in 3D taste”. Today, most of the flat icons and interface UIs are almost invisible.

But before then, there was an era in Icon Design called Skeuomorphism. At the forefront of this design and to be commended is the “Apple of Steve Jobs”.


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Yes. Apple might even have invented the era of OS design. That’s why Skeuomorphism is called “Old Apple Style”.

Skeuomorphism can be interpreted as the fact that life is taken with the design of appliances and created as icons.

For example, the Music App icon is used in the form of classical consonants. Older iPhone users will probably know that the Skeuomorphism-era icons are 3D and color-blind in color.

However, Apple has thrown back their Skeuomorphic Icon Design as a Flat Design with iOS 7. Icon Design and Interface Design

The colors are more colorful because you don’t have to be 3D. iOS 7 was the second-tier update for Mobile Flat Design as the trend setter with the Icon Icon baby icon.


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The reopening of the old tablet is about Apple’s evolution of Icon Design and UI design rather than glory.

While Steve Jobs, who co-authored the world of 3D Animation 3D, said that Apple’s OSs were a popular solution between the two extremes of “Minimalism” and “Fancy Color” in the period of 2010, called Minimalism and Fancy Color.


In terms of animation and technology design, is it luck? Animated Movie, dubbed Klaus in 3D, has garnered numerous awards, including Oscar Nomination, and has inspired the field of “Neumorphism” in the OS and UI Design field.

Some claim that it is the reincarnation of an ancient Skeuomorphism. However, there are significant differences between the two designs.


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Neu can easily think of 3D immersion. But his approach does not 3D-crop the entire icon just like Skeu did.

Neu’s age is Icon’s Shadow and Highlight. Adding shade and light to the base color of the background will give the impression that the main object on the icon is not just an animated look, but rather an image.

This is not just an icon; Close icons The interface will give you a more realistic feel rather than missing the keys in the interface such as Music and Camera.


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It feels like a breakthrough from the traditional 2D and 3D fields that Klaus has been looking at.

Neumorphic Icon Design has now begun to appear on macOS Big Sur. So, it’s coming soon to iOS.

iOS Concept

Apple’s breakthrough is thought to be one of the best alternatives to replacing flat icons for years, not just because of a trend setter.

So Neumorphism ends with almost 8 years of flat design that has not changed. It’s a glimpse into the future of new UI designs.

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