Htoo Eain Htoo Eain Thin and Khine Htoo

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Two new songs that have not been released to the public, such as Htoo Ee Htoo and Khine Htoo, have not been released to the public. The album will include each of the two singers, and will only record two albums. The name of the song is not a love for you, but you.

About the release of the album, U Aye said, “Two songs were released. Only two of them died, only two singles from Khine Htoo and Htoo Htoo died in memory.” Both are on their own. “It is a song that will remind them of a song that will remind them of it.”

The two singers, Singer Htoo Htoo, died on August 14, 2004 and 15 years later, and Khaing Htoo died on August 3, 2017, two years ago, and the audience will hear their new music.

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May Phyo (mml)
Source – momolay tv

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