Will Huawei’s mobile market regain its momentum in the wake of the changing tone?

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No one is wrong and no one is right. All are working to protect their own interests. All the time, Chinese companies are stealing technology.

The United States, which is doing its best to fake it, looks like China is back on its feet when it overtakes it.

President Donald’s low sales around the world because of the sanctions decision to affect China’s Huawei has offered to ease low recovery in the tone changed when the opportunity to come from the government.

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American companies exclusive license to sell Huawei, a critical part of the technology without the ban is limited and offered to withdraw some of the transactions. low as long as the problem occurred because of “national emergency” “American companies can sell their products Huawei,” the G-20 Summit held in Japan, low in the first quarter of .

2019 Huawei has sold more phones than Apple, and has been hit by the United States on the back of a potential sellout of the world’s largest smartphone maker by 2020, when the US government imposed a moratorium on May 16 to June 16. The company has confirmed that the company has declined, but said it has not yet made any comment as to whether Huawei has made any comment yet, but analysts say it is still unclear what US companies can sell for Huawei, but analysts say it is essential for the company’s current smartphone business.

The fact that Huawei is no longer limited to Google’s Android system and the fact that Google’s applications are no longer viable are a major driver of mobile phones being bought by Google around the world. Gmail, Without an application like Google Map, Android phones will be less attractive outside China.

Nearly half of Huawei’s sales last year were sold outside China, with the United States shutting down its Google services within a month and a half. Although security and other updates are not available for Android, the focus is on consumers and buyers around the world, who buy neither the phone nor the service they want, nor does the buyer say that it will cut back on sales. Is there compliance with restrictions?

Huawei is still in talks with the Commerce Department, and Google’s phones are still receiving updates and updates. However, prices for key markets have dropped significantly, for example, when the 930 Euro and the P30 Pro, which sold in Europe for 999 euros and the European car after the US shut down, reported that consumers would only pay 100 euros for a bargain.

More and more people are turning to other phones. Huawei has to do a lot to rebuild its real brand, ”said Benston, of Canalys. Huawei is the first provider of technology to turn information and data into radio waves.

Broadcom The company is relying on US companies like Qorvo and Skyworks, and Huawei has been collecting technology and parts needed since the US shutdown last year. According to Huawei’s stand, Huawei has officially announced that it will not be affected anywhere, but the latest news shows that Huawei has not been released from the list. It’s easy to say it is closed, but it is actually a list of foreign companies that have no license to sell.

So the US companies are doing business individually and privately with Huawei. White House economic adviser Larry Code said that it would not only provide “amnesty,” but would open up areas that would not compromise national security.

For example, if companies do not sell chipset-based companies for Huawei products, they will be allowed to sell their products to other countries, and the US government has given up on the United States, which has been frustrated by Trump’s actions.

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