Bad habits that can affect teeth health

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Healthy oral hygiene is an important factor in keeping teeth healthy. The tooth is also not an essential part of the human body. If you have a healthy tooth, you can eat all the foods you want. Today, we will highlight some of the bad habits that can affect teeth health.

Ice eating

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Eating ice can cause tooth decay and damage the protective coating. Even sooner or later, there will be more problems with the tile.

To open the biscuits and bottle cap with a toothpick

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Opening up a slice of potato fries or breadcrumbs can break the tooth and break the tooth. It is worse when opening the bottle lid. So if you have any of these habits, would you recommend a quick fix?

Nail biting

Source: South East Orthodontics

Nails can cause serious damage to the teeth. The nail polish is not only good for personal hygiene but can also affect the surface of the enamel.

To avoid nail polish, use nail polish remover. It can be prevented by methods such as bitter nail polish.

Brushing against teeth

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Of course, you should brush your teeth twice a day for tooth decay and bad breath. However, it is also important to make sure that your toothbrush is correct. It is wrong to think that teeth are whitening. Too much tooth damage can cause tooth enamel and damage to the gums and cause tooth damage. When brushing, gently brush and circle twice a day.

Misuse of toothbrush

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Toothpicks are only used to remove impurities from the teeth. There is also a problem with the placement of the tooth between the teeth. Repeatedly, it can cause tooth decay and decay. Therefore, make sure to use the right toothbrush.

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