Greenwood, who has shown a long-standing attachment to goal-scorers

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Manchester United striker Mayine Greenwood has scored a goal in the Premier League match against the Everton striker, who is due to leave United on Tuesday.

Alex Keys has signed a new contract with Manchester United and is set to depart today. Giggs is considered one of the best players to emerge from the Manchester United Academy for the last decade and has been offered £ 30,000 a week.

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However, the Gunners, who have played six games for Manchester United this season, have decided to leave the club, and that has been a bad news for Chelsea.

Greenwood, who came out of the academy with goals from the Academy and scored the opening goal for Manchester United last night, won the Premier League.

Source : Metro

The 18-year-old striker, Greenwood, made the alphabet in the A-League for the final score, and greeted former team-mate Gerrard.

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