The difference between love and hate

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The difference between love and hate

People who hate you are not happy with you

No matter what you do, you will hate yourself.

People who love you are lovers of themselves

No matter what you do, you will love yourself.

People are hard to understand.

If they follow their favorite

I will love you before you join me.

They will praise you.

No matter what religion you are, you will love you.

If they don’t go after their favorite

They will hate you, reject you, or turn away, and they will mock you.

No matter how good and good you are, you are going to hate you.

Therefore, do not let anyone defile himself.

Always keep your mind focused.

The main thing is that you have done bad things

Do you want to be loved by bad people?

You have done good things

Do you fear being hated by bad people?

Think about it.

Rather than doing something that is not your own and being praised.

Be more positive about what you do, and be better at it.

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